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Rebar FTP is the easiest way to transfer files to and from your clients and contractors Transferring files is frustrating with traditional FTP. See how easy it is with Rebar FTP!

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  • file transfer made easy

    File Transfer Made Easy

    Traditional FTP sites are a pain. Long documents explaining how to connect and download files results in frustrated clients, customers, and contractors. Rebar FTP is an easy to use web based FTP site that makes transferring files quick and easy.

  • secure access management

    Secure Access Management

    Rebar FTP gives you the ability to secure your files by assigning user access to specific folders. Whether you are sharing your files with an individual or with a large group, secure access management makes it easy to stay secure.

  • amazing customer support

    Amazing Customer Support

    We believe Rebar FTP is so easy to use you won't need support. But if you do, we are available 24x7 to help you with any questions, concerns, or troubles you may have.

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