How To Create an Online Plan Room In Under 5 Minutes and start sharing construction plans with subcontractors immediately

Have you ever tried to share constructions plans through a traditional ftp site? Did it require a full page of instructions on how to use it? Were their problems with different web browsers not being able to access files? Using a traditional ftp site as plan room is painful.

L&T Construction is a company in Orem, Utah that builds residential and commercial buildings. They have tried to use technology automate aspects their business. One time consuming processes was distributing plans to their subcontractors when bidding a project. To save time they setup a traditional FTP site, gave the subcontractors the login credentials, and told them to download new project plans. They soon found that step by step instructions were required to teach the subs how to access the ftp site. The instructions worked for some and others had problems. It was too complicated for the subs who didn't have a solid understanding of computers.

If you have experienced a similar situation, you aren't alone.

By using RebarFTP to create their plan room, L&T Construction has automated their plan distribution process and can focus on other crucial tasks.

Here is how to create your own construction plan room.

First, sign up for a free 14-day trial account and login to your account.

Once you are logged, create create a user account. This will allow subcontractors to access to the plan room and download files. Do this by clicking the Users link in the top navigation bar, then clicking new user. You can create one username per subcontractor or create a generic username for all subcontractors. For now create a user with then name of "subs". Assign the password and click Save Changes.

Next, click on the Files link in the top left hand corner. Under the information bar you will see the web address for your companies new plan room. It will look something like:

Email that URL along with the username and password you just created to all of your subcontractors and let them know this is your new plan room.

Now it is time to create folders and upload files.

  • Click the Files link in the top left corner to show a list of files and folders.

  • Create a new folder by clicking the "Create a new folder" button.

  • Enter a folder name for one of your projects, and click save changes.

  • Click on the folder you just created, then click the "Upload a file button". When the page loads click the "Choose Files" button, select a floor plan you want to upload, then click Open.

Congratulations! You have just setup a mini plan room.

If you would like to see how it looks to your subcontractors, sign out of the site by clicking on the sign out button in the top right corner. Now login with the username and password you created for your subcontractors and look around. If you need additional help setting up your plan room visit our support page at

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